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Canstaff Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

Jamie, United Kingdom

Canstaff helped Jamie to organise his accommodation and to get settled into the city.

Lucas and Simon, Switzerland

Meet Lucas & Simon, who are with us in Christchurch to help with our post-earthquake rebuild.

Russell, Scotland

Russell is a joiner/carpenter from Scotland and tells us how there is plenty of work on here in Christchurch.

Ryan, Canada

Ryan is a carpenter from Toronto who was coaxed by his partner Kate into coming to NZ, and fair enough too!

Joe, Canada

Joe is a Canadian Red Seal carpenter who has arrived in Christchurch to help us with the rebuild.

Roel, Philippines

We welcome Roel who is a carpenter from the Philippines. He has some advice for Filipinos back home...

Remy, Germany

Meet Remy who is a carpenter from Germany, he now works in New Zealand and gives us the lowdown on work and play in Christchurch.

Adam, United Kingdom

Adam is a labourer and a roofer from England, who likes the Christchurch social life and is keen to get into the next rugby season.

Christopher, Ireland

Christopher talks to Canstaff about moving to and working in Christchurch, New Zealand from Ireland.

Martin, Ireland

Building a new life and a new city - Martin Ryan's story. Video supplied by newzealandnow.govt

Phillip, United States

Phillip from Texas tells us about living and welding in Christchurch and his journey with Canstaff.


Peter speaks at our recent Christchurch Newcomers Network event re living here, playing poker and working in Christchurch with Canstaff.

Steven & Julie, United Kingdom

Steven and Julie explain to us why they left a nice house and great jobs to travel across the world to Christchurch.

Mark, Northern Ireland

Mark's mates volunteered on behalf of him to speak with us during a recent social event. After we rudely interrupted his nice cold beer, he spoke briefly about why he moved to Christchurch and how he's finding his construction job here. He's also managed to fit in some skiing as well as socialising.

Colleen, France

Colleen found her job in New Zealand via Canstaff as a Painter & Decorator. She explains the highlights of living and working in Christchurch and seems to be having a great time! Christchurch rebuild jobs are increasing further now as the momentum continues to peak in the local construction industry.

Samantha, United Kindom

One of our Canstaff candidates speaks at a recent event where we help put on some snacks and drinks so newcomers to Christchurch can get to know each other. Samantha speaks about moving to New Zealand and working in Christchurch.

Colin, United Kingdom

One of our candidates, Colin, talks about his move from the UK, how he found the Canstaff experience and the low down on relocating to Christchurch for New Zealand Jobs.There were a few beers being consumed at a recent Newcomers Night social event (for our overseas workers) so please excuse the background noise!

Lana, Settlement Support

Lana from Settlement Support summarises what is happening in Christchurch at the Newcomers Night in August. If you are considering working in New Zealand here's a heads up on what is happening locally post-earthquakes.

Client Testimonials

"Like many organisations our operation is somewhat seasonal, in winter we are very busy installing heatpumps and maintaining them, and in summer there is the ongoing work with our chiller and freezer business.

At times there is a need for extra staff and rather than commit ourselves to a permanent arrangement we find it easier to arrange for a temporary person to come in and assist for as long as we may need them. At times like this we call on Canstaff who have been very helpful at recruiting suitable people to fit into our existing team.

We know the all up cost prior to the temp starting and this enables us to budget accordingly, and each week an invoice arrives for the hours worked.

This suits our business model and if any problems occur our local consultant quickly sorts them out.

We would, and do, recommend Canstaff to other employers as a way of overcoming staffing issues. Canstaff provide great staffing solutions and we look forward to a continuation of our association."

Chris Henderson, Managing Director (Masterchill Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)

"David Browne Contractors would like to confirm and commit our ongoing support for future working relationships with Can-staff Limited. We would be pleased to be associated with Roger and the team. 

We have been working now with Roger for 3 years in relation to hiring of local labour to work alongside our installation team. We had issues trying to source labour hire in Christchurch until we met Roger and the Canstaff team who helped us overcome problems finding good, reliable or skilled staff.

Canstaff quickly provided us the workers we needed plus they sort all the paperwork each week so we can get back to business.

We would recommend Canstaff to others because they respond quickly to our needs, provide good quality service and great staffing solutions."

Timothy Browne, Manager (David Browne Contractors Ltd.)

"Bakker Bulbs have been working with Canstaff for the last 8 years.

Ee require large numbers of staff at different times during our season, with up to 50 people required at times. By using Canstaff we able to access the staff we need, when we need them, all just by making a phone call.

We have a good number of the same staff coming back from year to year, cutting training and settle in periods to a minimum."

Aden Geesen, (Bakker Bulbs)

"We require staff for harvesting, grading and packing potato and onions for export.

We source our seasonal staff from Canstaff because of consistency, reliability and quality of staff.

We also find the billing system so much easier than processing of wages every week."

Shaun and Terry O’Neil, (O’Neil Growers)

"Since our initial contact with Canstaff, we have found them to be resourceful and proactive with ensuring they not only find us tradesmen, but ensuring we have the quality staff to fill our needs."

Neil Seales, (Division of the Gough Group)

"In the last 6 months I have had a few people move on from my business, and when it came to recruitment of new staff my first thought was the team at Canstaff.

They have been magic to deal with from start to finish and did a great job working me to find the right person to fit my team.

The excellent service has been backed up with follow up meetings and I would not hesitate to ring the team at Canstaff again."

Brendan Laney, (JW Sport/Tsunami Sportwear, NZ)

"We have employed the services of Canstaff on several occasions to assist us with staffing issues.

Our most recent request was for a candidate to fill an aluminium fabricator position.

Canstaff responded quickly, listened to our requirements and forwarded a candidate which we are happy to say has filled this vacancy.

Canstaff take care of all the paperwork which means we don’t have the worry of PAYE, ACC or Holiday Pay.

We would be happy to recommend Canstaff’s services and I am sure we will be employing Canstaff’s services in the future."

Sue Parkinson, Manager (Alutech)

"Canstaff - when I needed staff with the right skills and attitude, Matt and the crew have delivered.  They involved me as much as I wanted to be involved, and produced really good options for me - from around NZ and well beyond. They have provided quality staff either full time or casuals and I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt and the team."

Lance Gray, Project Manager/Director (LPM Construction)

"Midlands have been using Canstaff to do our spring rouging for around the last 3 years now. We work with Canstaff because of the ease of getting staff, and the type of staff we get from them. Some of the staff have been the same for past 3 years, thus minimizing the people that need to be trained each year. At times we have international clients visiting crops, and staff are always well presented and courteous towards them."

Doug Holden, (Midland Seeds)

"Margaret and I use Canstaff for both seasonal labour, and permanent staffing requirements. It is extremely important temporary staff are reliable, on time, and hassle free. Canstaff is able to provide this for us, as well as replacing staff that don’t make the grade no questions asked."

Murray Turley, (Turley Farms)

"Previously while working at Talley’s Frozen Foods we were faced with needing temporary staff. Canstaff filled this gap perfectly and year after year provided me with the staff needed. The office was great with communication and I don’t have any problems recommending them to anyone needing temporary labour."

Clayton Kinsman, (Eurogrow Potatoes Ltd)

"Quality control is crucial in our seed production unit so in order to maintain a consistently high standard, we made the decision 3 years ago to engage Canstaff. The staff they send to meet our seasonal demands are reliable, capable and motivated.

The service that Canstaff offers is hassle free and they take care of everything, it’s guaranteed and their consultants are available to take care of any staffing issues that may arise.

We believe the advantage of using Canstaff is that the staff they refer to us “want to be here and are motivated to work”."

Andy and Jo Innes, (Innes Fields)

"I have found Canstaff to be very reliable, good communicators and suppliers of excellent staff."

Lisa, (North West Engineering)